Canadian Woodworking

The Canadian forest industry play central role to its economy maintaining its reputation as a model producer of traditional forest products and has a potential global market of CDN $200 billion by 2015. To complement the growing Canadian woodworking industry there are large-scale fairs like WMS are organized. Wood & Panel USA is there to track the developments in the Canadian woodworking, forestry and wood-based panel industry.

Wood & Panel USA is the bi-monthly digital woodworking magazine that covers what industry professionals prefer to know to accelerate their business operations. Ranging from SME decision-makers to multinational production plant managers, the magazine is read by all. Subjects catering to forestry, high-end automated technologies, panel manufacturing, solidwood processing, veneers, laminates, finished and semi-finished products, construction, general woodworking and a lot more, this magazine is the sui generis.